Copying a hybrid CD

Copying a hybrid CD

Post by Kada » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 04:06:11

I have managed to create a hybrid CD using roxio toast. However,
making copies of this cd is bothersome. The temporary partition
necessary to create the Mac volume is deleted from my Mac as soon as
the "eject" key is pressed, so saving the burn job does no good: by
the time I want to burn more CD's the temporary partition is gone, and
I have to set up the whole CD all over again.

I have tried making copies of the disk using the disk copy functions
in both OS X and in Toast, but both of these methods yield CDs that
don't function on PCs.

Is there a way to make copies of these CDs that I don't know about?


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Can I use Gear 4.01 on my Win95 box to copy (not create) a hybrid CD
(HFS/ISO)?  In particular, can I use Gear to backup my Gear installation
CD (which has Win, OS/2, and Mac versions on it)?  If I can't do it with
Gear, what software would allow it?  If I can do it with Gear, what type
of project would it be?


Mark Mayhle

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