Class action settlement to Kenwood 40x owners

Class action settlement to Kenwood 40x owners

Post by Thomas Cosma » Mon, 06 Nov 2000 04:00:00


Does anyone know of a similar case against Digital Research? I bought a
32X model and they 'blessed' me with a 36X Jamicon model which worked
great for about 10 months. Then, when I contacted them, they suggested
it was a software fault. I tried the thing on every version of Windows
extent; but got the same results. The system wouldn't recognize it. At
this point I really wouldn't care that much as the prices have dropped
so much on CD-ROMs; but it's a matter of principal!



Class action settlement to Kenwood 40x owners

Post by Golgath » Tue, 07 Nov 2000 09:17:35

This wont help me a bit with my Kenwood 72X.
It wont read some disc's either!


>  I thought some of you 40x truex owners might like to hear about a
> suite being filed possible in your favor.
> You only get a $50 dollar coupon towards buying more of there junk but
> if you send the drive back and THEY determine the drives bad they'll
> send you a new 72x drive. If its not bad they'll pay for return
> shipping.
> Even if you sold the drive and still have the receipt they'll send you
> a$50 coupon.
>  you only have to december 15 to fill out the claim form here



1. Kenwood 40x class action settlement

 Kenwood has recently settled a class action lawsuit involving the
Hival 40x TrueX CD Rom Drives manufactured by Kenwood.
A website has been set up for the Kenwood 40x class action settlement.
Go to for details. Class members
have until December 15, 2000 to file a claim and participate in the

Jonathan Shub, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA

Counsel for the Class
in the Kenwood Settlement

Sent via
Before you buy.

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