Absolute minimal PC configuration for Macromind Director title

Absolute minimal PC configuration for Macromind Director title

Post by Stuart Roebu » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to determine the absolute minimum PC configuration to run a
Macromedia Director title containing Quicktime video replaying in a fairly
small size at approx. 10fps and with smooth transitions.

Is it feasible to consider putting together a machine without a hard drive
which would run entirely off the CD-ROM?

The basic aim is to determine the cheapest possible platform.  If there
were cheaper Macintosh configurations then these would be a favourable

Thank you,

Stuart Roebuck


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Hello netters,

I am building an MMD application and have come across this problem:

I would like the background on the monitor to be black and my
application be centered on the stage (all independent of the size of
monitor in use). Just the way it is done in GrandMa and Me. I tried
some of the prefernce options in the File menu on my 15 in. monitor
(My application is built to fill the 13" monitor). Alternatively, can
the size of the monitor be chnaged when the application is initiated,
without a system restart ? I am ofcourse referring to the Macintosh
environment here.

Thanks for any clues and help.


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