Nec CD crashes system when door closes ???

Nec CD crashes system when door closes ???

Post by Pan » Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:00:00

 Pentium 133 mghz, 16 mgb ram, Nec 4x CD
 1.2 gig HD, 28.8 modem

 System crash when CD drive door is closed after inserting

 Problem is intermittent - most notable when CD is inserted
after program already running. i.e., if I am using programming
language and want to look up info on CD help files.

message from system when it crahses:

"32 bit device driver has corrupted critical system memory
resulting in an exception 0E at 0028:C0231948 in VxDVMM (0D)+ 00001948
This was called from 0028:C0FD6EF6 in VxDCDFS (04)+ 00000046"

Is this a hardware crash of the virtual memory manager?

Or is it software?

When the CD is inserted the led does light up and then Kaboom!

 It doesn't happen very often when I load a CD before starting
associated software, but it has happened in these circumstances too.

 What could there be about pushing the button to close the door that
initiates a crash like this?

Thanks in advance,

Doug Sterrett


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Thanks in advance,

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