CD Problems after upgrade

CD Problems after upgrade

Post by Al Mathew » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:25:01

I am looking for some help or discussion of similar experiences. Any
assistance is greatly appreciated. After recent upgrade to a Pentium 4 MSI
granitebay system board with which I used my existing HD so there were some
driver issues most of which I was able to resolve. One nagger hangs on. Ever
since the upgrade I can not play an audio CD by opening it with an
application. If I open the CD in explorer I can drag the file to my
applications (Roxio Audio Central, ATI media player, Real One player.. and
others) the .cda files will play fine. I think it must be a codec or
something since the hardware seems to operate fine. If I try to open the CD
with Windows media player it say the files are unknown format and it tries
to play them but can't. Also when I start my burner software it tells me
that I won't be able to record audio CD because the windows MCI driver is
not loaded. Does anyone know how to reload the Windows MCI drivers? I have
searched all over MS and the web in general but find no help. Thanks for
your help.



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 I decided to upgrade my Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Professional. After
upgrading, Windows 2000 Pro can't detect my CD-RW (HP 8100i -  Sony CRX100E
produced for HP). After that I tryed to reinstall CD-ROM and IDE Controller
drivers but nothing happens. I replaced CD-RW with CD-R (Mitsumi FX4820) but
How to solve this problem?


My configuration - HP Kayak XU 7/550X
Pentium III Xeon 550 MHz
256 RAM
2xHDD Segate Chetah  9.1GB SCSI
CD-RW HP8100i / CD-R Mitsumi FX4820
Matrox MX400 Dual Head

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