Stingray....need help ..

Stingray....need help ..

Post by autwi » Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have just switch from win311 to win95, it seem to be that there is a
compatability between Stingray 4X IDE with win95.  I got the latest
drivers from Optical Storage (OSI110Q.sys), but after setting up the
win95, I cannot access to my CDrom.  So after many tries of installation
and changing drivers, I give up.
Than I try to disable all the 32 bits protect-mode disk drivers I got it
working (final can read from CDrom). but now my win95 is not run optimal
performance.  Is there any drivers or way I can get the system back in
full optimal contion???




1. HELP needed with TEAC,Stingray&NHL96

        System upgrade caused performance drop!!!

        My System:

        Pentium 133MHz
        Intel Endeavor MB
        16MB / 256kB Pipeline
        Seagate ST51080A 1.08GB
        Hercules Stingray64/V 2MB DRAM (was Diamond Stealth64 ARK2000 2MB DRAM)
        TEAC CD-56E-002 6x  (was Vertos400 4x)


        After videocard and CD-ROM -drive upgrade I noticed strange stops
        in graphic while playing NHL96. Especially when the 'One minute left
        in the nn period' -announcement is loaded from CD-ROM the system
        freezes for a second. Generally the playing and video is smoother
        than before, but those stops are disturbing.

        All benchmarks give much more higher performance rates to my new
        videocard and CD-ROM -drive.

        Old CD-ROM was attached (slave) to the primary EIDE- interface with
        hard-disk. Now I connected the TEAC as a master to the secondary
        EIDE- interface.

        Any help will be appreciated!!!

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