Source Drive Suggestions?

Source Drive Suggestions?

Post by Mike Aus » Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have been using a Mitsumi 4802TE CD-ReWriter and a Pioneer 6X DVD (32X
CD) for CD-to-CD copies, but have had poor results.  The problem is the
Pioneer DVD drive, so I am looking for a replacement DVD drive.  If
anyone knows of a DVD drive that would make a good source drive, please
let me know.




1. Suggestions for External Drive

I have a 1GHz laptop to which I want to connect a reasonably fast CDRW
external drive (prefer 24X or faster). The laptop USB ports are not USB 2 so
I assume I'd be better off getting a Firewire card and a drive that is
compatible with Firewire?

Any suggestions on which Firewire card and/or which drive to get?



Wayne Wengert

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