unable to write to hard drive

unable to write to hard drive

Post by Agentg » Thu, 04 Jul 2002 06:30:09

when instaling Games or other software i get a blue screen that says cannot
write to drive c (hard drive). I installed a new cd-rw drive by buslink, model
rw2440. I have never had this problem until i installed the drive.     please


1. Unable to write in Mode2 XA using IDE Drive.

In my application i am giving support to both SCSI and IDE drives.Its
workign fine for SCSI drive(Plextor) and i can write data in Mode2 XA

But for IDE(samsung drive) when i used the same command sequence the
data was written in Mode1 format only. DO i need to change the command
sequence or do i need to modify any commands to write the data in
Mode2 XA.
Please help
Thanx and Regards

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