Problems detecting CD-RW consistently

Problems detecting CD-RW consistently

Post by C & R Grejse » Sun, 22 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have a 8Gb HD set on Primary Master, a CD-ROM on Primary Secondary, and my
new BTC BCE 16IE CD-RW on Secondary Master. Easy-CD which came with the
drive has problems detecting the new drive. If there is a blank CD in the
drive it fails 100% of the time. If the drive is open (or no CD), the drive
is detected but when the media is inserted, the s/w reports: not detected or
it is detected for about 5 seconds and then the software reports that no
media is present. Has anyone experienced and overcome this problem? Any help




1. Utility to detect a blank CD-R disc in a CD-RW drive

I am looking for what should be a small, simple
utility. I am looking for a command-line utility
that will determine if a blank CD-R disc is in a
CD-RW drive and return a status value.

The drive in question is a HP SureStore 9210e
series external SCSI drive. I want to be able to
determine that a blank CD-R is in the drive
before starting a backup utility that creates a
backup on the drive.

Does such a utility exist for Windows NT 4.0


Mark Thomson

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