Hitachi CDR-7730 IDE

Hitachi CDR-7730 IDE

Post by Robert Ban » Fri, 01 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I purchased a 7000 Diamond kit. It had a Hitachi CDR-7730 Quad Speed drive.
It said Rev A2 Type w Production date 6/95.
When I ran two deferent benchmark programs they both read at about 375kb,
nowhere near the 600kb transfer rate.
Do you have any info on this drive, I have not seen ANY advertisments on
this drive or any Hitachi CD-Rom.



1. Is the Hitachi CDR-7730 a *true* IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM????????

I recently bought a Hitachi CDR-7730cd-rom and am trying to
connect it through my Promise EIDE2300+ controller.

The Promise card will work with a *true* IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM.

I can't get it to recognize the CD-ROM.

Does anyone know if the Hitachi is *true* IDE?

Thanks, Jerry

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