CD-R write speed question

CD-R write speed question

Post by Phre » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 23:07:51

>I have a Dell 4550, WinXP, NEC 9300A 48x CD-RW Drive. Using the latest
>version of Nero with TDK CD-R discs rated at 48x write speed.

>When no disc is in the drive Nero shows a max write speed of 48x. When
>a 48x rated disc is in the drive the max speed in Nero drops to 24x.
>I've looked through all options and can't see why the speed is half of
>what it should be. This isn't a huge problem since 24x is fine but I'm
>curious as to why tops out at 24x. Feel like I'm missing something.
>Does anyone know of a firmware update for this drive?

I haven't used Nero, but I've noticed when using Adaptec's ECDC
4.02d(292) that one of the first things it does is "calibrate" the
transfer rate from the HDD.  Perhaps that is what is happening with
your Nero too?  (I.e. it gives you the "default" max when nothing is
happening, but changes to a more realistic value when it looks like
you're actrually about to use it.  Just a guess from the ignorant! :)

Cheers, Phred.



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