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I just got a new DVD burner and all the functions work except the writing.

I can use it as a drive, can play all manner of media in it, but if I try to
burn a CD it says there is no disc in the destination drive.  It worked a
couple of times at first.

I've racked my brains, but can't figure this out.


1. DVD-RW to be read as normal DVD in DVD-ROM players?

According to the recent PC Magazine I was just reading an hour ago, the
consortium --Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi, Philips, Ricoh, Sony, and
Yamaha-- which broke ranks with the DVD-RAM people to create the
Phase-Change Rewritable DVD+RW format, has said that DVD+RW will be read
as normal DVD (i.e. DVD-ROM) in DVD-ROM readers.  "Although it is too
soon to know for certain, it appears that these new      
specifications are designed so that existing DVD-ROM drives will be able
to read both DVD+RW and MMVF disks as if they were standard DVD disk."
This is from http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/features/dvd/_intro2.htm

If this is so, then DVD-RW --whose first units are expected to be under
a thousand dollars (perhaps significantly less)-- would be able to copy
all sorts of things to DVD (cd-roms, DVD-movies) in theory.

Anybody have more info on this, or are we all in the dark until late
1998 when things actually start appearing?


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