ms cd player only shows 2 sites for names

ms cd player only shows 2 sites for names

Post by jim sturt » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 01:00:45

and one isnt there, the other doesnt have info on my cds.

anyone know how to point it to another site that might/would have the
music/artist/cd info?




1. Create mixed CD without track1 show up in cd-player with Nero?

Hi, I am using Nero 5.5 and HP SCSI cd-rw.

I want to create a mixed cd, that is, cd containing both audio and
data files. When placed in the PC, it shows the files. When placed in
a CD player, it becomes a plain audio cd.

However, the ones I am able to create with nero, when I place it in a
cd-player, track1 is the data track, but the cd-player sees it, and
tries to play it resulted in silence. Starting with track 2 are the
audio tracks.

Is there a way to make it so the CD player does not display the data
files as a track and try to play it?


Raymond Chi

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