DAE Problem with Mitsumi 32x

DAE Problem with Mitsumi 32x

Post by Jignesh Bhadali » Mon, 02 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Recently got a Mitsumi 32x (FX320 or something).  Not a bad
drive, but a really LOUD one.  :-)  Anyways, I tried doing
DAE on a CD with 7 tracks with shareware WinDAC 1.33.  Everything
went okay for 5 tracks, and I had to keep pressing enter
after every track since I only have the shareware version. :-(
Anyways...by the time it got to the 6th track, it errored out
after about 60% of track #6.  Anybody else have had this happen?
I tried a different CD...same thing, on track 6, about half way
through, it errors out.  Wierd thing is that if i were to extract
the 6th just by itself, it works find.

any ideas? thx mucho.

Jignesh Bhadaliya


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Hi all,

Can anybody tell me a good IDE CD-ROM 24x or faster that does fast DAE, ie
higher than 6x, and also allows click and distortion free on the fly
Don't suggest Panasonic, because I have already had a 586 and a 588 model
and they don't impress me because they can't read AudioCDs normally (stalls
the whole system, mouse won't even move) when I try to play them normally.
Can't fast forward either.

Thanks, please email your replies.

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