OEMSR2 and HP4020i problems

OEMSR2 and HP4020i problems

Post by Daz » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00

you need to install a vxd driver in order to be able to read from the drive
under win95.
I have attached the driver for your fun and enjoyment! You just need to
copy it to the windows\system\iosubsys and reboot.



Quote:> Hi,

> I have problems with my HP 4020i cdrom (firmware 1.27):
> Windows sees the CD but I can't access it: I have a letter (F:) but
that's all.
> When I boot in Dos mode, all is working fine. The cdrom is connected to
> Adaptec AHA-3940UW Scsi controller. I tried a Nec double speed and it

> Any idea?

> Thanks and merry Christmas!
> --
> Francois Jaccard
> PGP Key ID: 0x3D7B9109

begin 600 CDR4VSD.VXD
I, `````D````5F%R1FEL94EN9F\`% `$`%1R86YS;&%T:6]N``D$Y 0`

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I do have used my HP4020i very successfully during the pas 5 years without a
problem. But, from about three months ago whenever I have written a
Multisession CD the writer doesn't see the CD whenever I try to put another
session on. It still recognises empty CD's and ordinary CD's but not
multisession CD's. The multisession CD's works with another HP6020i.

Is it perhaps the laser that's going?

Anyone have an answer for me please?


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