Problem: Can not boot from CD-ROM - System crashes - HELP !

Problem: Can not boot from CD-ROM - System crashes - HELP !

Post by Thilo Kuchenbro » Sat, 19 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I have the following problem: If I try to boot from a bootable CD-ROM,
only the floppy drive lamp goes on and the system crashes...

My configuration:

ASUS P/I-P55TP4XE Board with BIOS Rev. 2.02 (should support bootable
CD-ROM, says Asus)

Adaptec AHA 2940

Toshiba XM-3701

Any Hints ??

Help desperately needed..



1. Need help w/ DVD-ROM - crashes system

My computer, an HP Presario 8370 Pentium II 350, came out of the box with a
DVD-ROM which has served me just fine up until recently.  After Christmas, I
installed a CD-R as a slave onto the DVD-ROM, and everything worked well
(besides some minor technicalities of which drive was which).  About a week
later, I attempted to load up Encarta.  Much to my distress, I was met with
the famed "blue screen of death," proclaiming something about 0E
0028:C182EA63 VxD scsi1hlp(03).  Any attempt to save the computer from there
was in vain; I ended up not even being able to use "old reliable"
ctrl-alt-del.  The only possible ending was imminent.  I would have to press
the kill switch.

So what have I done already?  Someone suggested that due to the delay in
installing the CD-R and the time of the actual problem that most likely it
was caused by something software and not hardware.  Regardless, I switched
the CD-R and DVD-ROM drives so that the CD-R is now the master (per another
friend's suggestion).  When that came to no avail, the solution that perhaps
it laid in the drivers was brought up.  A fool I was; according to the
system specs, neither of these drives require drivers, and the Microsoft
website was no help in finding a newer version.

If anyone can perhaps tell me what I can do or at least give me their little
hypothesis I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you much,
Joel Hayhurst

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