cdd 520 /cdd 2000

cdd 520 /cdd 2000

Post by Sven R?hri » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Are Phillips Cdd 522 and Cdd 2000 the same burners?
what is the difference?

cdd 520 /cdd 2000

Post by Jac Goudsmi » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00

> Are Phillips Cdd 522 and Cdd 2000 the same burners?
> what is the difference?

Firstly, Philips is with one 'L'. (I should know, I live in Philips' home

The CDD522 and the CDD2000 are completely different.

The CDD522 is an external recorder which looks somewhat like a large grey
CD-audio player without display. It is a so-called second-generation
recorder (but don't ask me what that means).

The CDD2000 is a half-height internal drive that looks a bit like a
CD-ROM drive.

Internally, they are completely different, too (mainly because the
technology has improved since the CDD522 first appeared).

Furthermore, the CDD521 and CDD522 are usually classified as "Industry
class" whereas the CDD2000 is classified as a "lightweight".

You should take a look at Philips' web site
or at the CD-R FAQ
if you want more info.

Jac Goudsmit
CD-i Software Engineer
Codim Interactive Media CV
Eindhoven, The Netherlands



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Hello All!

Apparently my Philips CDD-2000 refuses to write 80-min CDRs (even at 1x
speed). After a few seconds I get "Cuesheet rejected by CD-ROM recorder".

Can anybody confirm whether this writer is able to write 80-min CDRs or not
? I'm aware it isn't able to overburn.

I'd like to know because these were cheap 80-min CDRs (costing only 1.34
times the price of a 74-min CDR) and maybe that's the problem (I've had one
instance in the past where the CDD-2000 refused cheap 74-min CDRs that were
too transparent).

And before you ask: Yes, I am intending to buy something slightly more
modern in the not-so-distant future. But for now I have to make do with
what I've got.


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