Keep getting "Write command failed' error message with CDRWIN

Keep getting "Write command failed' error message with CDRWIN

Post by Carl Lepag » Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:00:00

My CD Writer used to work fine (occasional coaster). I hadn't made any
Hardware or Software changes and was using Win 95. Then it started
getting the following CDRWIN error message window:

Error: 'WRITE' command failed on device 0:6:0.  Unrecoverable hardware
error (04h 00h 02h 04h 44h 0Ah).

Jeff Arnold's Q&A section mentions that WRITE errors are caused by
buffer underuns that happen when there is insufficient memory. My CD
writer has 1 Meg of memory and CDRWIN settings are set for a 2 Meg
cache. My license expired in April of 99 with Jeff Arnold and I don't
dare sent him an email. I asked him once how i could perform a checksum
to make sure my CDRWIN.exe was intact (after defragmenting my drive) and
he freaked right out that I would even consider corruption occurring in
his software. The problem I had did go away after I re-installed his
s/w. The problem I am having now is different!

I upgraded my CDR Firmware to the latest version, wiped my HD, installed
WIN98, re-installed CDRWIN (to the latest registered version I was
entitled to which is 3.7B), used one of those Compact Disk Lens Cleaner
and I still get the same error message! Any suggestions before I send it
in for repair would be greatly appreciated.


Additional info:


Smart & Friendly 2006 Plus (internal)
Adaptec 15XX series SCSI card
64 Megs RAM
1GIG + 3GIG IDE Hard Drives


Previously WIN95 but just upgraded to WIN98 (second edition)
CDRWIN 3.7B (registered)


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