DAO makes CDs unreadable !! NEED HELP !!

DAO makes CDs unreadable !! NEED HELP !!

Post by Sam » Mon, 24 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I tried to burn a mixed-mode CD with DAO32 ( I have a registered copy ).
The backup copy of my original CD works properly...but only if I use
my Philips CDD2600 as reader !!!
No CD-ROM drive can read that CD !
What the matter ? I didn't use any strange option.

Other CDs burned with GEAR 4.0 or EASY CD PRO 2.0 don't have any

Please help me.


1. CD label made CD-R unreadable in some drives.

I saw information about that subject in a CD-R FAQ.

The cd you had problems with probably was one you can see through.
Adding labels, or writing on these can render them useless. The
workaround is to label them before burning.....
I had one which I wrote on, and rendered it a coaster.

The CD labels I use have a mettalic looking backing to prevent them from
effecting the read. I have Maxell and Memorex blanks that already have
that sort of barrier on them, so wouldn't have to label them before

I had bought one pack of five that were unbranded, and the see-through


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