Direct cd 2a crashes system because of scsi port 01 error and vxd

Direct cd 2a crashes system because of scsi port 01 error and vxd

Post by -r » Sun, 07 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I keep getting a scsi port(01) and vxd error  when ever I put any
cd/cdr/cdrw in my ricoh ide ver cdrw. This occurs  because of the directcd
2a software. I wanted to use this software to enable my cdrw to act like a

any help would be appreciated especially if you have experienced this first
hand. I've tried everything I know and tech support didnt help either.


1. Alternate cdfs.vxd - system crashes after restoring the original vxd


I installed and tested the alternate version of cdfs.vxd by cyber7, and it
worked on my box (Win98, ATAPI CDROM + ATAPI CD-RW).

But when I've got the original cdfs.vxd back (by renaming the files
and rebooting) the system freezes and/or crashes.

Maybe crashes are related to Windows Explorer? If the
autonotification flag is set, the system crashes and reboots as
soon as the CD is inserted. If the flag is reset, the crash happens
as soon as I exec the Explorer.

Well, I've restored the register from an copy in
\windows\sysbackup\rb???.cab previous to the time I installed the
alternative cdfs vxd, but got no success, and the system keeps
And worse: reinstalling the new cdfs vxd doesn't help: it still
 - It happens with both the CD reader and the burner.
 - I can boot from the CD-ROM, and other OSes have no trouble
with them, so it's rather improbable a hardware issue.

Please oh please, any hint?


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