SoundBlaster 16 and TORiSAN (Sanyo) 4X CD-ROM - Help?

SoundBlaster 16 and TORiSAN (Sanyo) 4X CD-ROM - Help?

Post by fzbur.. » Wed, 27 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to add a TORiSAN (Sanyo) 4X CD-ROM to my daughters 486-40 machine
using the IDE interface on a SoundBlaster 16 board and a CDR-S1G device
driver.  Currently, the machine has two floppies and a hard drive (its own
IDE).  The sound card works fine, but the CD-ROM never responds.  I'm thinking
there may be an interrupt conflict, but I can't be sure.  Can anyone help me
here?  Should the CD-ROM be primary or secondary?  Should it be a slave or
master (it has jumpers for SL, MA and CS)?  Do I need to disable something on
the existing IDE card driving the hard drive and floppies?  Any suggestions
will be greatly appreciated!



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one, please email me at:


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