Discjuggler 1.05 crash frenzy, any help appreciated.

Discjuggler 1.05 crash frenzy, any help appreciated.

Post by Buz » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00

Ver 1.01.99 worked fine. But as soon as i create an image and hit the
write button, hey presto, coaster, and a message about fatal error in
pfc.dll.  I have a ricoh mp6200s v2.40 which is in their list of
supported drives, any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone help with this problem?
I'm using a Philips 40x IDE CDROM with Yamaha 4416s CDRW.
Discjuggler detects the CDRW no problem, but gives this error (after a long
"CDB55100000000001000 Status 040e02 Sense 052600 A bus reset was detected"
All help appreciated. Thanks

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