Ultraplex recognition from floppy DOS boot

Ultraplex recognition from floppy DOS boot

Post by Duncan W Kenned » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Please, can anyone advise on what I need to add to a system boot floppy
(e.g. in autoexec.bat and / or config .sys and additional drivers) for
my new Plextor Ultraplex 14/32 CD ROM to be accessed from a floppy boot
disaster recovery disk?

The drive is recognised OK during the boot sequence when the Adaptec
2940AU section is reached.

System is Win95 Pentium with EIDE boot HD and SCSI second HD, both of
which can be read in DOS from the present boot floppy  but I would like
to be able to read from CD backups and the Win95 CD in emergency.

Any advice would be very welcome.

Duncan K
Downtown Dalgety Bay


1. Booting from CD-rom, in lieu of floppy boot disk.

i think the floppies days as a boot option are numbered. you will probably
be able to use them but why? future os's will come on bootable cd's with
the utilities you need to prepair your hard drive. hopefully they won't
ruin all the fun though dos can be fun to play with once in a while.

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