CD Burner Failure? Nero Enterprise Edition & IOMEGA ZIPCD 1024INT

CD Burner Failure? Nero Enterprise Edition & IOMEGA ZIPCD 1024INT

Post by mafo » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 04:00:44

I got the information when I started to burn the CD, "waiting for the
drive to become ready " under Burn tab, then* there forever. I
looked through the group, but can't find the problem. The interesting
thing is that the other CD/DVD burner recently purchased has shown the
exactly same problem a week before the IOMEGA one (in different
machines). BTW, IOMEGA works under windows 2000 pro, while DELL DVD/CD
burner works under windows XP.

My questions are:

1. Is this the sign of the failure of the hardware?

2. Could this be a virus?

3. Any utility program can test the functionality of the CD burner?
(This is a old question posted here, but I didn't see any answers)

Thanks in advance.



1. Saving split tracks with Nero

I am encountering a strange problem with compilations that have
started with a single .mp3 file and split into multiple tracks with
Nero's Split function.

If I start from scratch..

1. Open new Audio CD Layout
2. Name the compilation (File -> Compliation Info)
3. Select the single .mp3 file from the computer and drag it over to
the CD layout
4. Right-click the single file, select Properties
5. Then select "Indexes, Limits, Splits"

Nero will then generate a waveform for the file which will take a
variable amount of time depending on file size, speed of the computer,

After this is done I zoom into the waveform (Zoom In) and look for the
first break or change (I am splitting live DJ mixes) by clicking with
the left mouse button at that change. When I have found the location
of that change, then I select "New Index" which marks that location,
and then "Split at Index Positions" which splits the file at that
index point created by Nero. Now, after I have created all the index
points and split them, I can click "OK" and Nero will prompt me for a
confirmation box that says "The selected track with be split into xx
tracks. Do you want to do this?" (xx corresponds to the amount of
splits that I have specified) I click "OK" and then Nero proceeds to
split the track correctly into however many tracks I have specified. I
then proceed to change the delay between tracks to "0" seconds by
selecting all the tracks EXCEPT the first one (which must have a 2
second delay -- this is by design I believe) and right-clicking them
and choosing properties and setting "pause" to "0" seconds. This
ensures that my continuous dj mix will be, well..continuous.

At this point I can choose to name the tracks individually, or leave
them named as the first track was before I split it up.

Put the blank CD-R in the drive and burn it with Disc-At-Once and 8X
write. Perfect. Tracks are all separate, with names and no pausing
between tracks, no clicks.

Now the problem. I go to save the compilation on my hard drive. I save
all my compilations from Nero in one directory with a separate
directory for each compilation that may have CD Label and/or CD Insert
graphics as well as the Nero .nra (Compilation) file.

The file saving goes well (or so it seems). I go to reopen the file
again, and all the index points are screwy. From what I can tell Nero
loads the single .mp3 file used for Audio and then applies the index
points from the .nra file BUT what it loses is is the second index
point in each song. Therefore, it knows where to begin the track, but
since there is no second index point it believes that the track should
end at the end of the entire recording. It does this for each track,
making recording impossible.

Is this a flaw in Nero? Has anyone else encountered this?

I am running Windows XP Professinal on an Athlon 1800+ with 512MB, a
40GB internal drive and a 30GB external 1394 drive.

Please respond to the newsgroup directly as this may help someone else
as well. CC: me in the posting to ensure that I receive it as well.



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