dvd-rom sony ddu1621

dvd-rom sony ddu1621

Post by jkosk » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 05:52:28

je possde un dvd-rom ddu1621 et j'ai effac le  driver par erreur , et
maintenant je n'arrive plus a le trouver.J'ai t voir sur le site de sony ,
qui m'on dis d'aller voir sur d'autres site  mais je n'arrive pas a le
trouver.Pouvez-vous m'envoyer le driver  par  e-mail  cela m'aiderais
beaucoup. Merci

1. I have a problem with my new Sony DVD-rom drive

Hi all,
I recently purchased a Sony DVD-ROM drive model DDU220E.  It can read DVD2
as well as all the other formats currently available (CD-RW, CD-R, DVD,
Photo CD, audio CD, CD-ROM, etc).  However,  when I play some CD-ROM's in
it, the drive makes a lot of noise.  Sounds like vibration, but on other
CD-Rom's it works fine and is very quiet.  Is this a defective unit?  Should
I return it?  It is funny how it is only some CD's others work great.  And
in my previous drive it worked fine and that was a DVD-1 drive, never made
any big noise with that one, of course it was not quite as fast as this new
drive, but the old drive never made noise like this one.

And like I said, it is not a grinding sound like something is not working
and the CD's do play just fine, but some make more noise than others.  Any
information is greatly appreciated.  And please e-mail me if possible as I
am not on the newsgroups very often.  Thanks!

Dan Barber

P.S. It is a 24X drive, but it reads faster than my previous 32X!

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