acer 8432A cannot burn at 8x?????

acer 8432A cannot burn at 8x?????

Post by David B. Koo » Sat, 26 Feb 2000 04:00:00


i recently bought an acer 8432A cdRW drive ... it came with ezcd
creator 3.5c and direct cd 2.5d

i have a pentium II 400 on an ASUS p2B
with acer 10x DVD drive

anyway... i cannot seem to get the *y thing to burn at 8x!!!!!

if i stick in a blank CD before i start the program.. it will only let
me select up to 4x and no more?!?!?!

and if i put in a cd AFTER the program is started (e.g. cd copier or
whatever) it doesnt work at true 8x even though it says 8x on the
screen (i timed it!!!)

basically it wont burn at 8x speed.  is this a firm ware problem or
hardware problem??

i would suspect that there is something i am missing that is *y
obvious as no one else seems to have this problem

by the way i am using 8x compatible cd-r disks... pioneer.

Thanks for any enlightening help



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All expert out there.. I have a question.
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The best I can get is 4x write only.

Thanks a lot

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