NO MCI Driver, No CD Audio

NO MCI Driver, No CD Audio

Post by l.m.. » Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:00:00

When attempting to play audio CD's, I get an error
message stating something like "no MCI Driver

Sound card and CD both work fine otherwise in

How can I locate / install these drivers?


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1. MCI CD audio driver

I have a TEAC cdrom...I can't seem to get the MCI CD audio driver to
work... when I am using the CD Player, it does not recognize the CD in
the drive and when I press play it tells me that I need to load the audio
driver, I know it is installed, I even reinstalled it.

Can someone help?

P.S.  I do have the cd-drive being recognized, I can even run cdroms,
just no sound.


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