What IDE CD-ROM drives can READ audio cd's ?

What IDE CD-ROM drives can READ audio cd's ?

Post by Pieter van der Meul » Thu, 26 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a 6x or faster IDE CD-ROM drive that is able
to read audio cd's. What brands/types CD-ROM players can I use
with CDGRAB or CDDA to read DA sectors with?

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1. HELP: cd-rom drive doesn't read mixed (audio/data) cd's


since quite a while I can't read any mixed cd's anymore (cd's
containing audio as well as data). In Windows Explorer the cd is being
recognized as an audio-cd, but I can't play it. And when I look for
the data files on the cd, the only file I get to see in explorer is

This is my setup:
- NEC cdrom drive
- Adaptec scsi card
- Orchid Nusound soundcard

Now, what I already did is: remove all nusound drivers and reinstall,
remove the scsi driver (which was automatically reinstalled by the
wonderful w95 piece of software).

What else can I do ? Who can tell me what the problem is ? Am I
desperate ?



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