PC Copies

PC Copies

Post by M » Sun, 06 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone made any copies of any PC-CDROM game or other using

If so, please give a little help.

I am using the 2.4c and need the command line.

Snapshot xx.cue xx.raw
Dao xx.cue

I am using HP4020i and have the 0:0:0 for this burner. Is this the
proper command line to use? .cue .raw?



1. HP 4020i on PC - copy a MAC CD ?

I have a PC based HP4020i with both the Lite version of Easy CD
and the Easy CD Pro & MM runnning well under Windows for
WorkGroups 3.11 (made lots of CDs without a problem).

I have been asked to make a copy of a MAC CD.  I can get the Easy
CD Pro & MM software to read an image of the Mac CD to an *.iso
file, but then I'm not sure what steps to take ... the on-line
help is muddled a best and the booklet that comes with this
software is worthless.

From the on-line help I gather that making a Mac CD copy can be
done since it is the MM version, however, the directions for
doing so are obtuse.  Any help would be greatly appreciated,
paritcularly before I make a coaster.

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