help!:HP 4020i doesn't want to read cds that were burned by itself

help!:HP 4020i doesn't want to read cds that were burned by itself

Post by Chen-Yuan » Sun, 20 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Dear Sir:

    This problem just happened today, after running a neural-net program
for 13 days (13 days, 24 hours a day) I turn off my pc, yesterday.
Today, after I turn on my PC, hp 4020i doesn't recognized the CD that was
burned by itself. This CDs could be read by 4020i befor, (at least 13 days
ago) and still can be read by my other CD-ROM, but not the HP.
    CDs I bought from software company, like Win95, Borland C  and the audio
CDs can be recognized and read fine. I even tried to put a blank CD in the
CDR, it was recgonized well, and I can write data to the blank CD, I did that,
write 606 MB junks to that blank just want to see can the CDR still write. It
succeed but cannot finalized the CDR. I got an error said CD-disk is full, I
guess the COT is too big. At this stage, the CD hasn't been finalized,
strangely, HP
recgonized this disk, but then I finalized it by Jeff's finalized program, the
cd was finalized, then it was not recognized by HP 4020i.

   I tried to use easy-cd 95 to check the CD, an error message pop out said

error reading the table of containt, or program memory area from
the cd (code 210-00-57-00).
 I remember I saw this before. Can someone kindly help me?

Think in Advance.

Chen-Yuan Wu


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a friend of mine has abovementioned problem
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any help would be appreciated, thanks

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