New AutoRun Tool for CD Publishing...

New AutoRun Tool for CD Publishing...

Post by Cameron Steven » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 02:39:05

Just released, Disc Menu 2.0 allows for simple and flexible AutoRun tool for
CD Publication. With no cost and fully brandable presentation this tool is a
quick and simple solution.

Please check it out, and forward any comments.



1. CDEveryWhere 2.0 Build 67: Good CD Publishing Tool

There is a usefull tool for CD-ROM publishing.  
It's called CDEveryWhere.
The main function of this software is to create the iso image file
which can be burnt on the CD-R/CD-RW using the popular CD burning
software.  This CD can be read by any of Win/Mac/Unix/Linux systems.
CDEverWhere makes it easier to compile the CD.  CDEveryWhere allows
you to retrieve the files in many different way.  For example, you can
drag and drop a directory into the CD layout.  Within this directory,
you can exclude/include files or directories with the file patters.
When you compile the CD layout which is saved as the iso cd image file
later, you can specify the files to be autoplayed on PC and Mac.
CDEveryWhere can be used for the back up for different file systems.
For details, please visit or

Takahiro Sasaki
CDEveryWhere Staff
Interactive Information R&D

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