Can't Create Audio CDR - Help!

Can't Create Audio CDR - Help!

Post by Frank Van De Warke » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 12:29:24

I have a Backpack CDrewriter external burner (model 192100) that is
unable to write .wav audio files onto Verbatim 80 minute, 70mb CDR's.
I've been getting an Easy CD Creator 4.05  "engine" error message and
the disk is rejected.  I'm able to copy data ok, but not audio files
on that kind of 80 minute CDR.

Anyone here know of a compatibility problem of the record and 80
minute CDR's?



1. Problem Creating Audio CD's from MP3's...plz help!

hi all.
i'm trying to create an audio cd from four mp3 files (i work in broadcasting
and it's going to be an audition cd to accompany my resume).  i exported the
files from the audio software we use at work as .wav's, then used a free mp3
converter we have at work to compress 'em, then burnt 'em onto cd using easy
cd creator 4 (i think).  i come home, then try to burn 'em onto a blank as
an audio cd.  the burn seems to go fine, but when i try to play back the
tracks off the audio cd I GET NO FREAKIN' AUDIO!!! it reads the time of the
track, but nothing comes out of the speakers.  i've tried burning directly
from cd to cd, copying the mp3's onto the hard luck.  i have also
tried playing back the useless audio cd's in a regular stereo cd
player...same thing...the clock's ticking, but no sound.  i think i have the
latest firmware and all that crap...ANY IDEA WHAT GIVES!!!
a very frustrated guy who's now got five coasters sitting on his desk!!!

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