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Quote:>I am attempting to install another hard drive off of my existing one (i.e.
>slave).  My CD-ROM (Mitsumi double-speed) is already slaved off of the HDD.  
>So, I moved the CD to another IDE controler that uses 170H, IRQ15.  No matter
>what I do I cannot get WIN95 to reconize the CD.  It reconizes the IDE
>controler and shows no conflicts, but it gives me a CODE 10 with the CD
>Any sugggestions...

I have a Compaq Presario CDS 724 and tried the same thing with no
luck. I downloaded a file from Compaq that was supposed to enable a
secondary I/O controller. I also tried using the secondary controller
driver residing in the CPQDOS luck. It seems the
secondary controller must also have a hard drive attached to work

I read a few posts from other COMPAQ users unable to make a secondary
controller work and apparently COMPAQ's hardware and software
divisions blame each other for the inability to make a secondary IDE
controller work with a CD-ROM as master.

If you are able to learn something new, please reply.

Thom Gustafson      



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