If you need software writting then visit:

If you need software writting then visit:

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1. Visit a new software and books shop

Visit a new software and books shop
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 - Quick Books Pro 2000
   For the fastest, easiest way to manage your business, QuickBooks
   puts you in control you'll always know whether you're making or
   losing money and which customers or products are most profitable.
   QuickBooks is easy learn product

 - File Maker 5.0
   If you have a business form, chances are Filemaker Pro 5.0 Pro can
   turn it into a database without the need for a programmer.
   Long a leader in easy-to-use databases, the latest version of FileMaker
   offers good database-sharing capabilities and strong Web-publishing
   capabilities for small workgroups.

 - Provenure Database
   My DataBase is a powerful, yet easy-to-use program that lets you
   quickly build in-depth databases with your company's most important
   information. You can easily import data from most software programs.

Best Books for Access developers and users:

 - Mastering Access 2000 Development
 - Access 97 Bible

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Alan Davids

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