Query about Philips CDD-2600 CD-R

Query about Philips CDD-2600 CD-R

Post by Chris Calver » Thu, 25 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Quote from the manual on page 11 :
"Note 2:
This phenomena is caused by the playback decoding electronics inside the
CD-R drive, when playing audio tracks on CD-R discs (caused by different
trackfollowing algorithms on the ATIP Absolute Time in Pregroove as
exists only on a CD-R disc): the system will fall back to the lesser
quality decoding known as 1-time oversampling. On pressed discs, the
electronics uses the standard 4-times oversampling algorithm."

Does this mean that when the CDD2600 plays back a previously written
audio CD that the quaility is less because it is only using 1 times
oversampling ? Or does it mean that any other CD player will also play
it back at lesser quality ? In other words do domestic or normal data
CD's handle both 1 and 4 times oversampling or only 4 times ?
If the former then it is probably okay (although why couldn't they make
the drive play back with either 1 or 4 times oversampling ?) but if the
latter then this is a far more serious problem.



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Hi there!

I'm about to buy a cheap CD-R drive for my home computer, and I've
narrowed my choice to three models: Philips CDD-2600, Sony CDU-926S and
Yamaha CDR-200T. Based on previous experience, which of these would you
guys recommend as the most reliable? Any other brands I should consider
(HP, JVC, Ricoh...)?

The unit will mostly be used to write audio CDs. It's my understanding
that the Sony CDU-926S has no disk-at-once support, whereas the Philips
and Yamaha do. Is that a problem?

Also, beeing out of free ISA slots, I'm planning to use a low-end Asus
NCR SC-200 or a Tekram DC-390 PCI controller for the CD-R and a 2 Gb
SCSI-2 hard disk. Any compatibility problems I should know about?

E-See you,


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