My CDR media voting page has been updated

My CDR media voting page has been updated

Post by Gareth Blad » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00

My cdr media voting page has been updated. I now have a Java applet which
launches in it's own frame. This enables you to select the CD writer unit
that you wish and see exactly the votes for all the medias that have had

The Java applet only seems to work within Internet Explorer and not
Netscape for some reason. I am working on this at the moment.

The Java applet loads in it's data from a CSV file. There is a link on the
page enabling you to import the data directly into Excel or equivilent.




1. I am having trouble burning CDR with Nero

The preferred method of writing is to a image file on a large capacity HD,
preferrably to a dedicated partition on that drive. Then a CDR is written from
the HD image. With the price of CDR's it's foolish to use CDRW's as they are
more complicated to use and cost MUCH more. Fact is a CDR drive is preferred
it's less complicated than a RW. I beleive WinXP uses CDR as their default (not

If you look at the label on the CD and if it has German origins there is a
design difference that is not accepted world wide. So there are very few drives
that will be readable with all the different configurations aavailible. Your
best bet is a CDR drive with CDR media-cheaper and better.

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