Nero Cover Designer 2.2

Nero Cover Designer 2.2

Post by rag.. » Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:05:59

I found the 'help' file to be lacking the info I need.  Is there a way
in the latest (ver. 2.2) to print two _different_ CD labels on one
sheet (Neato or the like) at one pass, or must it be done with two
files and two passes?  All I can manage is to print two copies of the
_same_  label on a single pass.  Thanks for any information/help.

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In Nero's manual, it states: "If you have more than one cover editor
installed on your PC, you can define a default editor". I have
"SureThing" installed and prefer to make it my default. How do I plug-in
"SureThing" to Nero as my default? Thanks.

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