HP 7200i technical problem, assistance appreciated

HP 7200i technical problem, assistance appreciated

Post by Vvix » Sat, 13 May 2000 04:00:00

Guys, I have a technical problem.

I was able to burn CDs with my HP 7200i until this morning.

As usual, I am compiling a 16 tracks audio CD. Then the Easy CD Creator
reports 'Power calibration area is full', followed by 'Command retry
failed' at the beginning of 2nd track, and the incomplete disc ejected.

I had tried reflashing the bios, removing and reinstalling the latest
versions of Easy CD Creator and Nero Burning ROM, tried 1x and 2x speed,
tried Track at Once and Disc at Once, but I still gets the same error

The strange thing is that it works when I tried a CDRW disc, and still
able to read CDs, but it just won't burn a CDR disc like before. I had
tried (and wasted) 14 CDR CDs. :(

I would be glad if you could help.

May be it is time for me to change a new drive. Sigh...


1. DriveImage & Philips OmniWriter: Request for Technical Assistance

Problem description
    I have not been able to get your floppy-based 'pqdi' software to read
CDROMs created on my Phillips OmniWriter external drive.  I would like to be
able to use a 'read/write' CD for backup, i.e. write to the OmniWriter and
then read from it in DOS mode.  Failing that, I would like to at least be
able to read a standard CDROM containing the DriveImage file(s) for my

    I have not been able to find DOS drivers for the OmniWriter which would
permit writing a partition image directly from your 'pqdi' software.
However, since I also have an Iomega Jaz drive, I used 'pqdi' to write the
image first to the Jaz drive via an Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller.  I then
used the DirectCD software under Windows 95 to create a CD-R disc.

    The brand of DOS you write to the bootable floppy you create does not
see to be compatible with the CDROM device drivers for my 8X CDROM (brand
available on request).  I can not see the directory of the CD I created
using Adaptec DirectCD to store the file containing the partition image.
When I create a bootable floppy and install my CDROM driver using MS DOS
6.20, I am able to see the directory outside of 'pqdi'.  However, when I
select the 'restore' option, the files on the CD are no longer visible.

Requested Assistance
    If you know of a DOS-based driver which would permit direct creation of
the DriveImage file on my OmniWriter, I would appreciate the information.
It would be OK if the driver were part of another (not terribly expensive)
software package compatible with my drive.
    I would appreciate your recommendation of a "multi-read" -capable 20-24X
enhanced IDE CDROM drive you know to be compatible with your software.  (If
I understand this correctly, the "multi-read" -capability is necessary for
the drive to be able to read CD-RW discs.)
    In addition to replying to this address/posting, would you please send a
copy of your reply to:

Thanks for your assistance.

Steven Lesh

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