CDRW Boots Win98?

CDRW Boots Win98?

Post by James T Mille » Mon, 29 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Anyone know if their CDRW will act as a boot device for Win98?  Does anyone
know which of the multiple CDROM specification books this (El Torito boot
spec) is contained in?

1. Win98 boots slowly after CDRW install

Hello there,

i got an amdk6III 400 running fine under win98.
I installed an "old"  philips cdrw 2x2x24x (which is doing its job).
now, every time i boot win98, i have to wait for about at least 1-2
minutes (with the win98 splash screen) before i get the win98 desktop.

the cdrw is on the second ide port (alone) jumpered as master.
on the 1st ide port there is a harddisk (master) and a cdrom-drive

Someone knows why I have to wait ?

Thanks, Kay

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