Iomega ZIPCD 650 - Why can't it read audio/data CD's?

Iomega ZIPCD 650 - Why can't it read audio/data CD's?

Post by Jerry LaBauv » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 10:52:56

I have an Iomega ZipCD 650, and I can't read audio or data CD's with it. It
burns audio and data cd's fine. I have a generic cd-rom as my E: drive, the
Iomega is the G: drive. I am using the adaptec software. Any ideas what's
wrong here?

1. Trying to re-install Adaptec (Iomega) zipCD 650 Application CD

I recently had to attempt to re-install Adaptec version 4.0
Application CD (purchased with the Iomega CD Writer). However, I
encountered two problems:

1. I receive an error message telling me that the program already
exists on the hard drive (although I have attempted to remove all
traces of it with Microsoft Windows' "Add/Delete Programs" utility as
well as with Symantec's Clean Sweep.

2. The installation process requests the registration number from the
original package which I has been disposed of. PLEASE advise
workarounds for the above problems.

Thank you.

Darryl Milstein

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