Write Speed problems..please help..?

Write Speed problems..please help..?

Post by Tim Kroese » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 08:02:43

Have you benchmarked your source drive for DAE to determine what it
might be capable of for OnTheFly burning before your attempts???
Utilities exist...

Another issue is most drive/program combo's need to be tested and logged
within the program setup; be sure to use a *full* disc as the DAE
increases towards the outer edges and a short disc will shortchange the

I don't agree that 2x source over burn speed DAE is necessary for OTF
burns since I've successfully been doing OTF for years with much less...
You need at least slightly over the burn speed "Inner Track DAE" rates
of course.  A decent cache helps too in case of a recoverable glitch
re-read, but is only necessary if you have an older drive without
'BurnProof' or similar 'recovery' ability...

Tim K


> I just re-installed everything on my PC, and CDClone,
> *, and EZCD will not let my 52x CDR record
> at top speed while copying audio cds.  I figured it might
> be the DVD/CD player slowing down, and the CDR matching
> it.  I then installed NERO, and it will record at top speed.

> What might cause this..?  All was fine before, and everything
> else sings, except for this.  The CDR will run at 1-4 x only.

> I've re-installed the CDR software, the ASPI stuff, and
> checked all settings.  The CDs are 48x, and I set the
> speed at 48x or MAX with the same results.  I seem to have
> no problems with data CDs, only Audio.  ALL S/W is updated
> to the newest versions.  I just tried with NERO to copy a
> audio CD, and it won't go on the fly (I'd guess since the DVD
> will only read at 8x) and it worked ok, but the other pgms, no.

> Please, could anyone help..perhaps I'm missing a software
> setting somewhere?  I did flash the BIOS in the CDR, and
> it changed nothing.  HELP HELP HELP HELP ?????

> Thanks to all in advance...

> Ever changing Amp pix at:  http://www.veryComputer.com/


1. Write Speed problems..please help..?

I'm not sure what you expect even with all the newsgroups you asked.

At a wild guess - you are providing virtually no information - you are
trying to copy an audio disc. In general, the drive which you are using
for extraction must do clean DAE at twice the speed you want to write.
Since you did not mention the parameters of your source drive, it's
fortunate that we don't need to know them: it is most unlikely to rip
audio at 100x - or even at 32x which is what you could get away with
under some circumstances for at least most of the disc.

If your source drive rips cleanly at 8x (CD terms), then you can
probably burn at 4x. You certainly can't read at 8x and write at 52x -
but you knew that, right?



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