Appreciate help on wnaspi32.dll not loading Same problem TIA

Appreciate help on wnaspi32.dll not loading Same problem TIA

Post by Mike Richte » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

It seems likely that something else installed an old or faulty WNAPSPI -
and used a later date. In your position, I'd move the current one to
dead storage and run WNASPI32 again to see whether it installs
correctly. If it should fail again, put back the 'bad' one and go for
professional help.


>         166MHz cpu,64MB ram,Creative cdwriter,ezy cd creator(ecdc)
> dlx-3.01(a?), and ezscsi4.01b.

>         I have not used my cd writer for several months.
> When I tried to open ecdc, ver 3.01a, I got a note: "wnaspi32.dll was
> not loaded. Locate the file or reinstall ecdc".
> The dll is in C:|win\sys.

> I  went to Adaptec`s web site and d/led the latest version of ASPI32.exe
> and reinstalled it several times to no effect.(still same problem).
> aspi32.dll is ver 4.55(996),32566 bytes,dtd 21Jun97

>          When I clked on  aspi32.exe to install, it said it would
> install ver 4.57 but what is installed is ver 4.55. Is that correct?
> The correct install procedure,I presume,is to dbl clk on the .exe file
> and it installs the files to the proper locations???

>         I also have ezscsi401b installed. I get "scsi initialization
> failed.wnaspi32.dll not installed(code 220-11-00-00)".
> I have used this pgm successfully before too.

> If I should reinstall,can I reinstall over the current directory or must
> I uninstall ecdc first?

>         Thanks for any help.

>         Ralph


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I have a weird problem.

I used to use version 3.01d, then loaned out my recorder for a few
months.  Just got it back and when I start up EZCD it gives me the
error can't load wnaspi32.dll and cant write a CD w/o it.  The program
then continues but wont let me write.

I then downloaded 3.5c upgraded and still have same error.  I removed
everything reinstalled, same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

Is this file supposed to be in EZCD directory and in windows/system
directory?  Are they supposed to be the same?  Can someone tell me the
dates/sizes on theirs pleasE?

Thanks in advance,
Brian Donnelly

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