Ricoh mp6200 and packet writing

Ricoh mp6200 and packet writing

Post by Tony Clix » Sun, 22 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Thinking of buying a Ricoh.

If I write lots of small files to a CD using packet writing, can
other PCs read the disks?

And then when a disk is sufficiently full, can you convert it to ISO



Tony Clixby - Bebington - Wirral - UK


1. Ricoh MP6200 can't write CDR

My pc config is PII 333Hz, 128MB Ram, 8.4GB hardisk, Ricoh MP6200(int
software DirectCD and Gear.

It had been give me some erro message when I write the CDR disk, the funny
thing is I have no trouble when I write a CD-RW.

Could anyone suggest what it is, if it write the CD-RW ok, it should do the
same to CD-R.

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