Torisan (Sanyo) changer problems

Torisan (Sanyo) changer problems

Post by Christoph » Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I upgraded (supposedly) my Toshiba 4x to a Torisan 4x 3disk changer
recently.  I have yet to be able to get my computer to even SEE it under
Win95.  I have tried it as a slave on the primary port and as master on
the sound card.  nada.  I downloaded the CDCHNGER.EXE file from
microsoft, which specifically mentions thsi Torisan drive in the little
bio of whay it exsists....still nada.

Anyone out there use this drive who can tell me how they have it hooked
up and working and with what drivers?  I've been slavving over this puppy
all day now with no luck.



1. torisan (sanyo) 4x 3cd changer problem in wn3.1


well, i finally learned that this particular 4x 3cd changer by torisan
is a problem child, but i already bought the lemon...

anyway, i'm having trouble installing it on my computer.  i'm working
it off a soundcard right now, standard ide interface.  the problem is
that my computer has trouble recognizing the driver.

i don't know if it's the torisan.sys file or the torisan3.vxd file.

anyone know what to do, i'd appreciate it very much...please e-mail me.


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