CD-ROM strange problem in win95

CD-ROM strange problem in win95

Post by Chan King Ho » Sat, 25 May 1996 04:00:00

        I have a Toshiba 4X IDE CD-ROM connected to the secondary IDE port and
a panasonic 562j CD-ROM connected to sound blaster 16 using MKE interface.
Due to the win95 32bit driver for 562j cannot read VCD so that I just use
16bit real mode drivers in config.sys & autoexec.bat.
        The strange problem is if I use the win95 32bit driver for
Toshiba, then my panasonic can't read any VCD in win95 but if I use the 16bit
real mode driver for Toshiba, my panasonic can read VCD again.  Besides, the
Toshiba can read any VCD no matter it use win95 32bit or 16bit real
mode driver.
        Why the win95 32bit driver for Toshiba can affect my panasonic CD-ROM
to read VCD?  Anyone has idea? please mail me too, thank you.

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1. Strange problem with cd-rom and cd-rom RW on same IDE channel - please help

Hi all,

I have an Acer 624A 24X cd-rom and an Acer 6206A cd-rom RW on the
secondary channel of my AX5T motherboard.  The 24X is jumpered as
master and the RW as slave.  Both are Mode 4 devices.  Windows 98
recognises them just fine and I'm running version 3.5b of the Adaptec
CD Creator software.  There are no problems burning cds.

The problem is with the 24X.  If I try and read a CD (any cd, even an
original one) the 24X will spin down and timeout with either error
messages to the effect that the cd is dirty or a complete hang of the
system (the hard drive light with indicates whether the the IDE bus is
in use stays on continuously when this happens).  I've never had a
problem with the 24X before I added the RW and in fact even tested it
since on another two machines: a 486 and a Pentium II - no problems.
The RW never has a problem reading or writing, even now.

I've tried alternately enabling and disabling DMA transfers on the
secondary channel, turning off UDMA support on that channel and even
hard coding the devices as Mode 4 via the BIOS setup to no avail.

I'm at my wit's end - any ideas?

Thanks for your time.

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