Mitsumi 4802 TE ??

Mitsumi 4802 TE ??

Post by Newbie » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hello I'm a newbies in CD-RW world ...
now I want to buy a CD-RW drive that cheap enough for me I thought ........
this Mitsumi 4802 TE is IDE 8 read, 4 write, 2 Re write ......
I know this drive may be to ancient for now .. but this drive is the
cheapest one with acceptable write ability (not re write) .........
I'm not much care about the read speed and the Re-write speed ....

any body know how the perfomance of this drive ? (quality, write ability)
I mean is this drive not easyly break, able to write at any software (EZCD
4,1 and CDRWIN is most important) and is writed CDR using this drive is able
to be use on other CD player and CDROM (music, data, VCD)

oh yes... after reading much news at this group .. I found that RAW is
important for a CD-RW ... I want to add my question more ... is this Mitsumi
4802 TE also support RAW .. and what is the actually use of RAW is ?

...  because I can't every day check the newsgroup .. ( I use a * cafe)

sorry my question is too much and looks like fool and sorry my english is
very poor.

Thank you very much.


Mitsumi 4802 TE ??

Post by y.. » Sun, 16 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I also bought one for the same reason and it works fine except
it cannot reliably extract audio from some Audio CD's due to speed.

Teaming it up with a cdrom (reader only) slave that supports >20x
is one way to solve the problem, but the speed is only one factor
as that drive must support audio extraction as well.

I solved my particular problem by buying a ZipCD (also cheap) which
works properly for me on my Compaq4712 and EasyCD 3.5c,which says it
is extracting audio at the drive's rated speed of 24x.

Hope this helps, KM