one day portraits

one day portraits

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1. My first two days with my Ricoh MP6200s Media Master

OK All and Tom

Since I've been lurking in this newsgroup for a couple of weeks (and
bugging Tom Varghese - King of the Ricoh CDRW), I thought I should at least
post my experiences with my Ricoh so far.  I have had a few difficulties so
maybe this will help someone else.  Here's the scoop...

1.  Purchased Ricoh's retail Media Master kit from for $519 +
$18 for two day Fed-Ex delivery on Tuesday - arrived on Thursday.  Kit
includes the MP6200s CD-RW drive, PE-Logic ISA SCSI card, cables, screws,
EZCD Pro, Direct CD, and Seagate Backup software.

2.  Called Ricoh and asked them to send out the $100 mail-in rebate coupon
to me, said they would that same day.

3.  When drive arrived I installed SCSI card (defaulted to IRQ 11), but my
PNP sound card was using IRQ 11.  Ended up downloading PE-Logics beta
driver (normally they default to using an Adaptec driver), and adjusting my
system to let the SCSI card have IRQ 11 (had to remove sound card drivers,
etc, and let them Re- plug-n-play).  Everything appeared to be working OK -
could see the drive etc in Explorer.

4.  My drive shipped with 1.20 firmware as opposed to 1.0.

5.  Downloaded latest updates to EZCD Pro (2.11), and Direct CD.

6.  Successfully copied data files to CDRW using EZCD.

7.  Spent Entire day trying to burn an audio CD!!!  I tried everything, but
I would get immediate Buffer Underrun errors (the time would say 00:00)
during the test phase.  Didn't matter if I was running 1X or 2X write,
copying a WAV file from my Western Digital 3.1 gig EIDE drive (partitioned
less than a gig), or an audio track from my Creative Labs 12X IDE drive.  I
tried all the usual stuff including disk defrag, network server setup,
constant swap file sizing, registry editing, vcache crap, called Adaptec,
called Ricoh, blah, blah, blah!  Nothing of course worked.  I then decided
it had to be the driver, nothing else made sense.  So I deleted the
PE-Logic Driver (even though it showed no conflicts) and got the latest
Adaptec driver - Adaptec AHA-150X/1510/152X/AIC-6X60 SCSI Host Adapter.
After once again dinking around with IRQ conflicts (had to manually assign
it to IRQ 12), I got the drive to be recognized again, and....success!!!  I
burned a quick audio CDRW disk containing three songs read from three
different CD's over two sessions (two songs in first session, one in the
second).  The BEST thing about the burning was that I put the "source" cds
in my Creative Labs 12X IDE drive and the CDRW in my Ricoh and was able to
burn the audio tracks at 2X, and it would just prompt me when it was time
to switch the cd in my Creative Labs drive.  Does this mean that this drive
(my Creative Labs unit) is capable of solid 2X DAE???

Hope this helps someone, as I'm tired of typing!


Chris Blandino

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