Nero Cover Designer - 2-sided Front Booklet

Nero Cover Designer - 2-sided Front Booklet

Post by Ro » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 12:38:45

I'm just messing around with Nero Cover Designer (V2.2.1.11) and I am
trying to do something simple. I'd like a front booklet insert with
front title information, and when the sheet of paper is folded it
contains content (e.g., track list info) for the front-inside of the
jewel case.

I haven't been able to see how to do this in Nero Cover Designer. The
program is only offering me Booklet Front, Booklet Rear, and Inlay
jewel case insert options, but nothing obvious related to creating
content of the inside front of the jewel case insert. Any thoughts on
this? If I remember correctly the Roxio EasyCD software did this
(i.e., inside front jewel case insert content) with no problems




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