Toshiba 3501 CDRom & Controller

Toshiba 3501 CDRom & Controller

Post by Charlie Chapm » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 07:28:14

I'm looking at getting the Toshiba 3501 or 3601 SCSI CDRom drive and am
wondering if anyone has experience with it?  How good is it, the drivers
and setup, etc.  

Also, what would be a good controller for this drive.  I have a Gateway
486/66 VLB system with both 32bit slots taken.  I have 2 16bit slots
opened and would use it there.  I was looking at the Adaptec 154x or 164x
controllers.  Any experience with these.

I'm new at SCSI and could use any advice available.  I plan to use the
SCSI controller to just run the CDRom as I have the Promise 2300+ for my
IDE drives, etc (do not plan to replace them, at least not now).  Any
problems with having the two controllers in the system?

Thanks for any hints and/or advice.


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