Any Help will be appreciated (CD-rom freeze)

Any Help will be appreciated (CD-rom freeze)

Post by Biig » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I have a really odd problem with my Cd Rom.  Everytime I try to install
something form my CDrom, it will hard freeze my machine.  I happens more often
then I care for it to and I can't isolate what would be causing this.  For
Example, I try to install Tribes or XWA and it will freeze about 23-48% of the
installation complete and rebooting doesn't fix this.  Both the CD rom and the
HD light stay on when it freezes.  They are even on seperate IDE channels. Any

Current System:
AMD K6 300 Oc'd to 333 (4x83mhz)
160 MB Ram (pc 100)
Maxtor DiamondMax 8.4 gig
Epox Mvp3c-M MB
Generic 16x CD-Rom
SB Live Value

Butt-Kicking for Goodness!



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I just had our home computer (486DX) upgraded with RAM, Disk Space,
Soundblaster card, external 28,800 modem and CD Rom player.

We are experiencing a problem with the CD Rom player when reading discs
have information on them.  The audio player for music discs has no
and plays beautifully.

Whenever we put a disc in to read, (Living Books, Adventure discs,
Grolier Encyclopedia, etc.) the screen freezes and we have to reboot
machine to get start again.  The time period when the screen freezes
hangs up) is not consistent to the discs nor from the time we begin
the disc.

I took it back to the place that installed the CD Rom and they said
reinstalled the software for it, thinking there may have been a problem
the first installation.  But they could find no explanation for the
hang up.
 I can't accept this.  There must be something more to it. You pay out
money for an upgrade and hope that the unit will work without any
but this is a problem and they cannot explain why it is happening.

Has anyone ever experienced this with their CD Rom unit reading discs?
anyone got some suggestions or ideas?  Anything you have to contribute
be very much appreciated.



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